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City Boards & Committees

  1. Application for City Boards, Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

    Complete and submit our online form to apply for a position on one of the City's boards or committees, or to volunteer with the City.

Contact Us

  1. Contact the City of Fairborn

    Complete and submit this form to contact the City of Fairborn with your comments, questions, or concerns.

Fairborn Leadership Institute

  1. Fairborn Leadership Institute

    To provide citizens an opportunity to better understand the day-to-day operations of various city departments, the City is offering a... More…

Geographical Information Systems

  1. GIS Public Records Request Form

    Complete and submit this form to request specific GIS maps or information from the Engineering Division.

Parks & Recreation

  1. Easter Centerpieces

    Join us for a night of DIY floral arranging fun! Learn how to create a beautiful flower arrangement along with flower tips and design... More…

  1. Rockin' Rocks - Outdoor Kids Adventure Series

    Rocks are everywhere! What is so special about a rock? Do you have a favorite rock? On this adventure hike, scout for rocks and start... More…


  1. Parks Volunteer Form

    Anyone wishing to volunteer in the Fairborn city parks.

  2. Sample Registration Form
  1. Request for Public Records