Streets & Sanitation

Barriers blocking off a street, with a sign saying, "Road Closed."


Trash Removal

The Streets and Sanitation Division is responsible for coordinating with the city trash-hauling contractor for garbage and trash removal and oversees citizen satisfaction with service. This division also monitors closure requirements for landfill including landscaping and erosion control.

Clean Streets

The City regularly performs sweeping operations to keep streets clean of loose aggregate materials, excess leaf accumulation and litter, as appropriate. The division provides snow removal; storm-damage control; roadway patching including pot holes, water breaks, and water and sewer installation cuts; preparation for annual street maintenance program; and builds and maintains park road ways and parking lots.

Traffic Signals

In addition, the Streets and Sanitation Division handles traffic sign and signal issues. They perform striping and sign installation, repair and replace damaged signs, bulb replacement of traffic signals, traffic loop installation, and handle barricades for roadway detours and special events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the citizens with well-maintained, safe, and properly marked streets and intersections and to provide proper garbage disposal in an efficient and cost-effective manner.