City Manager's Office

The Fairborn Government Center, a brick building with a green lawn.
The City of Fairborn Administrative Offices are located in the Government Center at 44 West Hebble Avenue. The City Manager's Office Administration consists of the City Manager, the City Manager's Secretary, the Clerk of Council, the Public Information Officer, and the Human Resource Specialist.

Mission Statement

To serve City Council and the citizens of Fairborn in the efficient and professional administration of all affairs of the City placed in the City Manager's charge by or under the City Charter.

Specific Functions

  • Attend all City Council meetings.
  • Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, divisions, and agencies of the City.
  • Function as the chief administrative officer of the City.
  • Hire and supervise all City employees and appoint administrative officers.
  • Hire and supervise an Assistant City Manager with primary concern for support services, labor relations, and special projects.
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget.
  • Prepare and submit any administrative or financial reports as Council may require.
  • Provide assistance for the resolution of individual citizen concerns.
  • Supervise preparation and certification of special assessments.