Planning Division

The Planning Division provides an integrated analysis of development, so decisions are made with an understanding of how the project will impact the community as a whole. The analysis includes a review of existing conditions and identifies problems and opportunities in order to control the influences that shape the physical development of the community. From project introduction through implementation, the Urban Planner serves as liaison between the private sector and public administration.
A close-up view of a schematic.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The Community Development Department works with other departments and the community to ensure orderly development in the City. The guiding document in the development process is the City's Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF). This plan is an organized guide to identify how the city should develop into the future and helps the city manage urban growth to achieve desirable land use beneficial to the City over time. The goal is to promote and support the overall health, safety and well being of our community.

Zoning Ordinance

The Fairborn Codified Ordinances and Zoning Code are the key mechanisms by which the City puts the comprehensive plan into motion. It consists of the text of the regulations or Zoning Code and helps ensure the following:
  • Reasonable development standards are established to enhance the appearance of the City.
  • Properties are appropriately zoned for the highest and best use throughout the community.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial areas of the city are protected from encroachment by competing land uses.
  • Buffers, screening, setbacks, and/or other regulatory methods are used to minimize the negative impact of incompatible land uses.
  • Additions, alterations and remodeling of existing buildings or structures comply with all building and zoning restrictions.