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Government Structure

The City of Fairborn has a Council - Manager form of government. Under this form of government, the Council is responsible for the legislative function of the municipality through establishing policy, passing legislation, and developing an overall vision for the community.

The Council, voted into office by public elections, appoints a city manager, which oversees administrative operations and implements its policies. Council also appoints citizens onto committees that help to make recommendations to Council.

City of Fairborn Mission Statement

In order to promote and provide for the safety, health and welfare of our residents, it is the mission of the City of Fairborn - (as per Resolution 96-90 August 1990):
  • To deliver municipal services through cost-effective and professional means and in a friendly, courteous manner.
  • To be responsible to individual concerns while maintaining the good of the entire community.
  • To provide appropriate planning for the continued development and improvement of the City.
  • To foster citizen involvement in the City's decision-making process.
  • To be involved and provide leadership in areas of inter-governmental cooperation.
  1. Agendas & Minutes

    Find City Council agendas, minutes, audio, and video using our online service.

  2. Annual Reports

    Fairborn provides annual reports from a number of departments as well as an overall State of the City report, which is presented to Council and citizens at a council meeting during the first quarter of the following year.

  3. Boards & Committees

    We are blessed with dedicated, professional citizens willing to share their time and talents to better enhance our community. Find agendas and minutes, meeting times, and member information for the City's boards and committees.

  4. Building Code Inspection Division

  5. Charter & Codified Ordinances

    Codified ordinances simply put are ordinances, which are given a number, as they will be referred to often. View ordinances for the City of Fairborn.

  6. City Council

    The Fairborn City Council serves as the City’s legislative body in order to provide and enhance City services, assure orderly growth, and promote the general welfare for the good of the entire community.

  7. City Manager's Office

    The City Manager’s Office Administration consists of the City Manager, the City Manager’s Secretary, the Clerk of Council, the Public Information Officer, and the Human Resource Specialist.

  8. Community Development

    The Community Development Department is responsible for coordinating residential, commercial, and industrial development activities in the City of Fairborn, utilizing the divisions of Building Inspection, Planning, Neighborhood Betterment and Property Maintenance.

  9. Economic Development

    The Economic Development Department is designed to promote the growth of the business community. The goals of the Department are to provide assistance to existing businesses within the City and to attract and facilitate new businesses to Fairborn.

  10. Engineering

  11. Equipment Maintenance

  12. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for collecting revenue on behalf of the City, administering payroll to City employees, purchasing for the City, and more.

  13. Fire Department

    The Fairborn Fire Department strives to provide quick response to all calls for assistance. Learn more about your local Fire Department.

  14. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department aims to provide assistance to City supervisors and employees, hire the best people, and process personnel services in a professional manner.

  15. Income Tax Division

  16. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Division’s mission is to provide the highest quality technical and communication services through effective utilization of existing and emerging technologies, and fiscal responsibility.

  17. Municipal Court

    The Municipal Court conducts preliminary hearings in felony cases, handles traffic and non-traffic misdemeanors, and civil cases where the money in dispute does not exceed $15,000.

  18. Neighborhood Betterment Division

  19. Parks & Recreation

    The Parks and Recreation Division’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Fairborn through the availability of recreational and cultural opportunities, as well as to proactively operate and maintain City-owned buildings, grounds, and cemeteries.

  20. Planning Division

  21. Police Department

    The Fairborn Police Department is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment through quality service to all persons.

  22. Property Maintenance Division

  23. Public Works

  24. Rumors & Trending Topics

    The information contained on this page is to provide residents with accurate information on current events and related topics. It has been developed to help inform citizens of facts related to misinformation that exists within the community.

  25. Staff Directory

    This is a complete listing of department/division employees.

  26. Streets & Sanitation

  27. Utilities Division

  28. Water & Sewer