Police Department

The light bar on top of a police vehicle.

Core Values

  • Integrity - High moral character in all we do
  • Dedication - Commitment to the police profession
  • Fairness - Impartial treatment of all persons
  • Courage - To do the right thing
  • Excellence - Continuous improvement
  • Service - Service before self

About the Fairborn Police Department

The Fairborn Police Department is comprised of the Chief of Police, two Captains, seven Sergeants, five detectives, one K-9 Officer, two SRO/D.A.R.E Officers, and 29 officers. In addition, the Police Department employs 10 dispatchers, 4 civilian support personnel and 9 part-time jailers. The Police Department consists of two divisions:


Oversees the Communication Center, Jail Facilities, Records Section, Information and Technology Officer and physical plant maintenance. The Administration Captain's duties also include hiring of personnel, grant administration, research and development of technology and equipment, purchasing of equipment and assets.


Oversees the uniformed Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau, School Resource Officer, Property Room and Civilian Volunteer Program. The patrol officers are responsible for patrolling the city roadways and interstate highways; responding to citizen complaints; enforcing traffic violations and investigating traffic crashes. Officers also interact with citizens and neighborhoods utilizing a community policing effort. The detectives investigate all Part I felonies and Part II crimes that require further follow-up. They are also responsible for background investigations of new employees; polygraph operations to assist in criminal cases and new hire employees; Drug Task Force assignments for countywide enforcement and investigations of child physical and sexual abuse cases.