Municipal Court

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The Fairborn Municipal Court serves the communities of Fairborn, Bath Township, Beavercreek and Beavercreek Township.

The Court conducts preliminary hearings in felony cases, handles traffic and non-traffic misdemeanors, and civil cases where the money in dispute does not exceed $15,000. The Greene County Common Pleas Court (Xenia) handles felony criminal cases.
  1. City Solicitor

    The City Solicitor aims to provide legislative guidance and appropriate legal services for the proper function of local government, and to provide services to crime victims and witnesses through the Fairborn/Beavercreek Victim Assistance Program.

  2. Victim Assistance

    The Fairborn/Beavercreek Victim Assistance Program provides direct services to all misdemeanor crime victims and witnesses in the Fairborn Municipal Court jurisdiction in Greene County.

Facade of the Municipal Court Building.