Utilities Division

A water pipe cap protruding from a grassy lawn.
Your residence is connected to the City's water and sewer lines by a series of underground pipes. The water services lines bring clean water to your home while the sewer lines carry the used water from your home to the Water Reclamation Center for treatment.

Where the City's water line branches off to your property is a special valve, known as a curb-stop, usually near the curb or street. The curb stop is the main water shut-off valve for your property.

A water meter is located where the water service line enters the house. The water meter measures the cubic feet of water (one cubic foot of water is approximately 7.48 gallons of water) entering the home. Meters are read on a monthly basis using an electronic remote read system. This reading determines the water and sewer consumption that you are billed.

Water meters come in several sizes depending on the volume of water to be supplied. The typical size for residential water meter is 5/8 inches by 3/4 inches. Commercial meters will vary depending on the quantity and types of water use required by the facility. A portion of the charges on your utility bill is an administrative charge, which is based on the size of your water meter.