Looking down a paved street lined with houses and trees.
The Engineering Division plans, designs, maintains, and manages all infrastructure within the City rights-of-way in order to provide the general public with safe, efficient, and quality roadways, sidewalks, utilities, and mapping (GIS) information.

  1. Projects

    View descriptions and reports on current Engineering projects in the City.

  2. Contractor Information

    Find out how to become a registered contractor in the City of Fairborn.

  3. Standards

    The most recent edition of the Fairborn Engineering Standards consists of construction material specifications and standard drawings. View the newest edition online.

  4. Engineering Annual Reports

    View annual reports outlining the projects and improvements that the Engineering Division has completed each year.

  5. Five Year Capital Improvement Plan - Streets (PDF)

    View the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan for streets in the City of Fairborn.

  6. Geographical Information (GIS)

    GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems, which is used for capturing, checking, storing, analyzing, managing and displaying geographical information.

  7. Pavement Condition

    A very involved process is used to rate Fairborn’s streets to help determine what type of improvements or repairs are required. There are many factors which go into determining a roadway’s serviceability to the community.