Sign Up For

  1. Emergency Notifications

    Hyper-Reach is an ideal way to communicate with the community in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Find out how to sign up for this service.

  2. Fire Department Ride-Along Program

    Sign up for the Fire Department's Ride-Along Program by completing our online registration form.

  3. Recreation Programs & Leagues

    The Fairborn Parks and Recreation Division feels there is something for everyone when it comes to recreational fun. Many of the activities are annual events, and new activities have been added.

  4. Utility Service

    Every Fairborn residence must have water, sewer, and sanitation (trash removal and street sweeping) services. Find out how to receive these services from the City.

  5. Volunteer Opportunities

    The City of Fairborn offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Whether looking for a one-day group project or a longer-term assignment, look no further than to your local government office.